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Matt and Graeme’s Excellent Guide to Home Video Content Creation

The ten top tips we give through the course, along with the no-nonsense advice, will help you raise your game quickly, and set you apart from everyone else who is going to churn out home videos in the next few months.

A three-module video course that has everything you need to know to kick start your “made at home, but still professional looking” video studio:

  • Module 1: Technical setup and location

    • What camera to use (and if you only have your phone and laptop, how to make the most of that)
    • Microphones (because - Pro Top Tip - audio is WAY more important in video than the visuals are)
    • Lighting (the cheapest options to buy, or how to get away with using what you have at home already, and the best uses of natural lighting)
    • Location (how to choose the best location in your house to make you look professional)
  • Module 2: Recording your videos

    • Getting the “look and feel” right
    • What to wear (and what not to)
    • Avoiding interruptions (Pro TOP Tip - put your phone in flight mode; incoming calls stop video recording)
    • How to be natural in front of the camera
    • What to do if you mess up
  • Module 3: Editing, exporting and uploading your videos

    • What software is best for editing (Apple and Windows)
    • Collating and managing your footage
    • Top Tips for editing your videos
    • Adding extras (titles, graphics, transitions, audio and video filters and effects)
    • How to export your videos (format, quality, etc)
    • How to promote your videos

There is a full money back guarantee. If you buy the course and find that it doesn’t help you at all, just contact us, and we will refund you.